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Makeup is a very expressive, creative and flattering application. It can make or break a character, change your face shape, and even enhance your features. There is no right or wrong with makeup; If it achieves the same outcome, use it. But there are a few aspects about me and my training that separate me from an aspiring HMUA.


Making the choice to train in design and application of hair and makeup for Film and Television was one of the most crucial decisions I have made in my career. However, having the training within other departments for the same industry has enabled me to understand the significance of the role each department plays in a production.



My career began focusing on work in front of the camera, when exploring the various positions within the Film Industry at Pauline Quirke’s Academy. With an ever growing interest to the secretive and quick developing world of movie making, my goal was to learn as much as possible about the different roles behind the camera that the academy could provide. Two Trinity exams and West-End shows later, my time to leave the academy had come. After learning about the industry, and the process of movie making, my passion to learn the skills of a Makeup Artist had driven me to where I am today. 



Entering the world of makeup, I began small and trained at The Face Painting Shop which, at the time, specialised in Face and Body Painting master classes. Learning intricate brush techniques, health and safety and brand qualities, I began to discover there was more to makeup application than meets the eye. Gaining experience working with the general public was crucial to me to help me achieve my goal, so I began facepainting at children’s parties and fundraiser events. 



My training progressed when I received requests for special effects makeup. I felt it was necessary to advance my knowledge to a professional standard. Learning the difference from day - to - day makeup and applications for Film and Television was an all - important process that The Iver Academy could deliver. Being based at Pinewood Studios, also gives myself and other students the advantage of receiving training by working, credited tutors. With 4K equipment in mind, no detail is too small. Practising all techniques and learning the science, maths, and engineering behind an artists kit was, and still is a valuable trait to have. Acknowledging this when working to tight schedules or under a superior, can assist you in a difficult or pressured situation at work. 



Since Graduating, I haven’t focused on a specific style of production. I am an open book who is willing to work in any scenario, big or small. I have worked for individuals for their milestone events, and large scale productions for cinematic release. My future aim, is to have a steady network that requires my services and to be a helping hand along the way. This industry is forever changing and I wish to be a part of it for the foreseeable future.  

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